Tuesday 02 February 2010

What a day man!!! Something stuck in my nose. Oh i don't like the situation like this. i got FLU yesterday and it makes me can not really focus on my job.
This is a short story about me and others RL staffs. I was arrived in RL at 9.50 am. Something different with RL this day. i tried to find what was it. And finally I realized that the decoration of Rl was changed. The color of the wall has completely changed. Wow, great colour. But still i did not feel good because of my body bad condition.
And wow again, Not only me who had a bad condition. There were Poni and Meldi who got flu too. Huahahahahah...i was glad i had friends who had same condition with me.
This is my first note of the day. I wrote it because i had nothing to do.
Oh, i have important message for you all. This note is the first note to start READING LIGHTS DAILY ACTIVITIES. This blog will be the blog for reading lights' staff daily activities because we have a website now. You can visit us in READINGLIGHTS.web.id.
That's all what i want to say rite now... This is just a testing note. Have fun to read.


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