Achtung Achtung

Dear Customer,
As you all know we, Reading Lights, are always trying to give customer the best service as a friend. In doing that, we've come across many things; from financial problem until service strategies. One thing that we just analyzed is the exchanged book policy for customer and the result is quite surprising. The service that we thought could bring benefit for both customer and Reading Lights, is actually jeopardizing our financial and of course indirectly made us not able to improve our service to you; customers. So to overcome this situation we've made new regulation concerning book exchanged policy. Here below is the new exchanged book regulation:
> Only Member are able to exchanged the book.
> The exchanged book price tag must be over than Rp.10,000,-
> The exchanged promo cannot be used with other promotion services such as coffee corner 10% discount for member, stamp exchange, and other promotions.
> The new book exchanged percentage is 25%

A long with this new regulation we also have new service to offer:
> Knitting workshop will be changed into Knitting Circle, which means that the participant will not be charge for anything except buying at least one knitting item.
> All the circle participants get 15% discount coffee corner coupon.
> All Customer are welcomed to enjoy Friday Night Movie Lounge for free.
> All Customer can join our new circle; Macbook Circle on friday afternoon.

We hope these new regulation could give us more chance to improve our service. Thank you for your attention.

Reading Lights Store Manager

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