GOT YOU BACK - Jane Fallon

If you search for easy reading and fun book to read, 'Got You Back' by Jane Fallon is surely the perfect option.
The story is flowing so easily and you will always be curious of things that happen the next before the other. And at the end of the book Jane give enough space for the readers to have their own ending version of the story without missing any point of the story. That kind of ending makes this book a good material for a book-club. I'm sure this book will encourage an interesting conversation.

"But revenge isn't always sweet. And what happens when one woman thinks enough is enough but the other doesn't know when to stop?"
This is written on the back cover of the book, and it keeps making me wondering who is the 'not enough' one until I read the part. It was a tantalizing reading experience. Jane fallon is a writer who never write a chick-lit clich├ęs so you will never taste a usual plot of a chick-lit. Everytime you think you know what will happen next, Jane Fallon give more than that.
For a refreshing chick-lit, I go for Jane Fallon's novels.
review by. Vitri-Reading Lights

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