Question : What is splitting Formula
Answer : Boy meets girl --> boy meets another girl --> girl finds out other girl = splitting formula.

This is not tobe confused with this splitting formula, that's just antisocial

Question : Defines the term "Intensive farming"
Answer : It is when a farmer never has a day off

Question : Give three ways to reduce heat loss in your home
Answer : 1. Thermal underwear
2. Move To hawaii
3. Close the door

Question : Give a reason why people would want to live near power lines
Answer : You get electricity faster

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Reading Lights Journal: 27 February 2010


Huahahahahahaa!!!! We can't stop laughing! Huahahahaha!
Sorry if you are a bit confuse reading today's journal.
It is all because one book.
What you'll read in the book is nothing but lots of funny and ridiculous
answers from student's exams.
Here's a part of the book that make us laugh,it's taken from some one math exam;

Expand 2(x+y)


2 ( x + y )

2  (  x  +   y  )

2(    x     +    y     )

Did you get? This one makes us can't stop laughing.
If you don't get it. We have to say sorry, because it means your Math exams is F.

We give you another funny answer in our next posting

Lunch Time!!!

Reading Lights Journal: 17 February 2010

Don't be surprise if sometimes you come to visit us and you found us eating together at one of our table. It has became our habit to eat lunch together. Sometimes we buy our own meals but some other times we collect our money and cook our own meals (to be precise, our chef cooked it ^_^).
On this day we prepared our own lunch. Dedi our assistant chef is the one who cooked us the meals with Ponpon's help. Since both of them are the ones who have off-day on wednesday, they are the one who prepared everything. Starting from shopping until preparing it. Ponpon make the 'sambal' and dedi prepare the rice, it's 'nasi uduk'. They also fry the 'ikan asin' and tofu. The meals are so delicious through the last bite.
Having lunch time together brings us closer. We throw jokes on each other while having lunch (although probably you might witness us throwing jokes while working). We also share stories and sometimes come up with ideas to run the store on that time. This is one of many parts that make Reading Lights a great place to work, the feeling of having second family. We are like many other family, having lunch together and enjoying everybody company. Just like many other family out there.

Achtung Achtung

Dear Customer,
As you all know we, Reading Lights, are always trying to give customer the best service as a friend. In doing that, we've come across many things; from financial problem until service strategies. One thing that we just analyzed is the exchanged book policy for customer and the result is quite surprising. The service that we thought could bring benefit for both customer and Reading Lights, is actually jeopardizing our financial and of course indirectly made us not able to improve our service to you; customers. So to overcome this situation we've made new regulation concerning book exchanged policy. Here below is the new exchanged book regulation:
> Only Member are able to exchanged the book.
> The exchanged book price tag must be over than Rp.10,000,-
> The exchanged promo cannot be used with other promotion services such as coffee corner 10% discount for member, stamp exchange, and other promotions.
> The new book exchanged percentage is 25%

A long with this new regulation we also have new service to offer:
> Knitting workshop will be changed into Knitting Circle, which means that the participant will not be charge for anything except buying at least one knitting item.
> All the circle participants get 15% discount coffee corner coupon.
> All Customer are welcomed to enjoy Friday Night Movie Lounge for free.
> All Customer can join our new circle; Macbook Circle on friday afternoon.

We hope these new regulation could give us more chance to improve our service. Thank you for your attention.

Reading Lights Store Manager

FRIENDSHIP in my opinion, what's yours?

What is it mean? You may and should have the answer about this word. In my opinion, friendship is.. hmmmmmm... something that you must have it to live. Why?
because we are the social people. We need other person to through this life. Without them, we can live to make a beutiful life. But, is it hard to find a truly
friend to live with us?
I have a friend that i thought he will be my est friend forever. This is what i thought about 10 years ago. In junior high school, we always play together. Play football together in one football club in my town until someday many of our friend call us the twin brother even we are not in the same blood line. Many people said we are twin because our face look similar.
That's a short story years ago. but now, even though we are in the same city, we rarely meet each other because we are not in the same collage. But we still friend. But i think he is not my best friend anyway. I have so many friend out there. And no one of them is my best friend.
The only one i know who can be our best friend is GOD.
But, friendship still the thing that we should have to live this wild life to stay ALIVE.

That's my opinion about friendship. So, what's yours?


Reading Lights' 4th Anniversary - Memoirs of Friendship

It's been four years Reading Lights' enjoying the friendship from all of the Customers. It has been the happiest years.
Nevertheless, there's always difficult time that we had to face. It is friendship that give us the courage to keep moving on.
In this oppurtunity we like to thank all of the customers for the FRIENDSHIP by presenting "Memoirs of Friendship".
Memoir of Friendship is an instalation art setting originally made by our creative crews. A token of gratitude from the deepest part in our hearts.
-Thank You for the FRIENDSHIPS-a

Tuesday 02 February 2010

What a day man!!! Something stuck in my nose. Oh i don't like the situation like this. i got FLU yesterday and it makes me can not really focus on my job.
This is a short story about me and others RL staffs. I was arrived in RL at 9.50 am. Something different with RL this day. i tried to find what was it. And finally I realized that the decoration of Rl was changed. The color of the wall has completely changed. Wow, great colour. But still i did not feel good because of my body bad condition.
And wow again, Not only me who had a bad condition. There were Poni and Meldi who got flu too. Huahahahahah...i was glad i had friends who had same condition with me.
This is my first note of the day. I wrote it because i had nothing to do.
Oh, i have important message for you all. This note is the first note to start READING LIGHTS DAILY ACTIVITIES. This blog will be the blog for reading lights' staff daily activities because we have a website now. You can visit us in
That's all what i want to say rite now... This is just a testing note. Have fun to read.


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