Lunch Time!!!

Reading Lights Journal: 17 February 2010

Don't be surprise if sometimes you come to visit us and you found us eating together at one of our table. It has became our habit to eat lunch together. Sometimes we buy our own meals but some other times we collect our money and cook our own meals (to be precise, our chef cooked it ^_^).
On this day we prepared our own lunch. Dedi our assistant chef is the one who cooked us the meals with Ponpon's help. Since both of them are the ones who have off-day on wednesday, they are the one who prepared everything. Starting from shopping until preparing it. Ponpon make the 'sambal' and dedi prepare the rice, it's 'nasi uduk'. They also fry the 'ikan asin' and tofu. The meals are so delicious through the last bite.
Having lunch time together brings us closer. We throw jokes on each other while having lunch (although probably you might witness us throwing jokes while working). We also share stories and sometimes come up with ideas to run the store on that time. This is one of many parts that make Reading Lights a great place to work, the feeling of having second family. We are like many other family, having lunch together and enjoying everybody company. Just like many other family out there.

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