FRIENDSHIP in my opinion, what's yours?

What is it mean? You may and should have the answer about this word. In my opinion, friendship is.. hmmmmmm... something that you must have it to live. Why?
because we are the social people. We need other person to through this life. Without them, we can live to make a beutiful life. But, is it hard to find a truly
friend to live with us?
I have a friend that i thought he will be my est friend forever. This is what i thought about 10 years ago. In junior high school, we always play together. Play football together in one football club in my town until someday many of our friend call us the twin brother even we are not in the same blood line. Many people said we are twin because our face look similar.
That's a short story years ago. but now, even though we are in the same city, we rarely meet each other because we are not in the same collage. But we still friend. But i think he is not my best friend anyway. I have so many friend out there. And no one of them is my best friend.
The only one i know who can be our best friend is GOD.
But, friendship still the thing that we should have to live this wild life to stay ALIVE.

That's my opinion about friendship. So, what's yours?


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naomi said...

To me, a friend is someone who always ready to love, and a brother/sisters in need

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