Ribsy By Beverly Cleary

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It is about a dog, Ribsy, who is very much loved by his owner Henry Huggins. He climbs out of his family's car in a shopping mall parking lot and decides to do a bit of exploring. When Ribsy thinks he has found the Hugginses' new station wagon at last, he jumps in the open tailgate window and falls asleep, exhausted. When he wakes up find himself in the wrong car, lots of little girls pet him and make plans to give him a bath. All Ribsy wants to do is go home to Henry. Instead, he's about to begin the liveliest adventure of his life.

Kids who own pets of their own will be able to relate to Henry's sadness over his missing dog, and his determination to find him no matter what.

We would be awed into suspence, wondering if poor old Ribsy would ever find his way home.
If you want your kids to love reading, we suggest that you buy this, read a chapter a night before bedtime, and soon they will want to read it themselves to find out what hapened next.

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