Nothing to Fear by Jackie French Koller

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Nothing to fear, a great book, emphasizes courage during hard times. The setting is New York City. During the Great Depression, about a 13 year old boy named Danny, whose dad goes away to find work, promising to be home by Christmas. While his father is gone Danny has to take care of his sickly mother and his 2 year old sister.

Not only does he have to take care of them, but he has to go to school, work at a store to pay back for a broken window, and shines peoples shoes to make a couple of extra cents (his mother uses have of it for life insurance, much to his disliking) He often eats very little; somtimes not at all.

One of his friends gets evicted, and ends up living in a box at Central Park. His best friend Mickey adds some comedy to this book.
During this hard time with people even committing suicide all around him, Danny tries his best to be brave.

While Danny's father is away searching for a job, his mother gets sick right after she has another baby. Then she goes into a coma. This is one of the hardest times for Danny. He almost runs away but a friend stops him and persuades hi to stay. Then a guy named Hank comes and helps take care of the family.
Does his father return? Does his mother recover? Read this book and find out.
Overall this a great book.

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Anonymous said...

I had to read this book for school, but I absolutly loved it!!!! I really want someone to turn this into a movie!!!!

Anonymous said...

First off, your Grammar in this blog is incorrect. Second, the way you are telling this is in an incorrect order.

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