The Loner By Ester Wierl

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A homeless, friendless, nameless young boy travels the country as a migrant worker, with the vague idea of reaching California. He prides himself on being able to look out for himself--relying on absolutely no one else for anything. When he reaches Montana sheep country, he meets some people who actually come to care about him. Can he overcome his natural (or acquired) suspicion and enforced independence to allow human emotions to enter and flow from his embittered heart?

He learns more than the responsibilities of a shepherd during the rough winter, when he battles his own reckless impulses and a growing jealousy of a young man he never met. This unlikely hero determines to settle down and win the respect of the Boss. Many of the characters are driven (like Captain Ahab in MOBY DICK) to hunt down and destroy the Bear that killed Boss' son. A thoughtful book that will challenge the reader.

The Loner is about A boy who was a crop picker and moved alot. In this story the boy is going to California but on his way is he is found by a lady named Boss. Boss is very manly and is a sheep hearder. when she finally finds the boy she names him from the Bible, David.

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