Dear Friend,
All of you probably notice lately Aang is rarely seen in our store. It's been almost a month Aang is absent. At first he informed us that he suffered "DB" (Demam Berdarah). We heard that he was hospitalized in Santo Yusuf Hospital. The next day we visited him but he was already moved to his hometown hospital.

Today we have receive new information about Aang latest condition and it's surprised all of us. His uncle said that it's been two days he's been in a comma. In that condition we couldn't just ignore him. We have made decision to visit him tomorrow.

For that reason to we have to inform, tomorrow Reading Lights will be closed. But we will be open again on Tuesday as usual. We are sorry for this unexpected situation.
We hope all of you would also pray and wish for Aang recovery so he will be able to share his funny jokes with all of you again.


Naomi said...

I'm so sorry to hear that...I'll pray that God will strengthen him, and that he will recover at God's best time. Cepat sembuh ya Aang, get well soon!

dndInfotainment p said...

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Thanking You
Puneet Kardam

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