Memoirs of Geisha by Arthur Golden

This book is definitely one of my favorite books, I've read it back when I was in high school, and I may say, this book really change the way I choose things I read now.

It is a fairy tale. In details. In Japan. If Cinderella born in Japan, she would be this little Chiyo, a fisherman's daughter who transformed into a beautiful and most respected geisha in Kyoto, Sayuri, thanks to the Fairy (not so) Godmother Mameha. There're also the Mother and 'stepsister' Pumpkin and Hatsumomo. And of course, in every fairy tale there's this Prince Charming, known as The Chairman in this book.

I love the details, as women would usually do. And this book would tell you anything about geisha, the geisha-school, how they reach the top of their status, things they really used to paint their faces as white as snow, or even the way they sleep without ruining their advanced-hair-styling. It's fun also to know how the culture and tradition taught them to kiss, or hug, or massaging...and so on.

This book is a cocktail of Japanese cultures, mixed with some romance, and intrigue between geisha in Kyoto, and historical stories. It's fun, light, but give you something to think and talk about.

I love this book. And so are a lot of people in The fact is 1,645 people in amazon gave this book 5 stars!!
And you know what?
We have some in Reading Lights! ;)

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